School Sport Events/Competitions

Inter-School Competitions 2014-2015 (Primary, Special and Secondary) HSSP and Medway wide

HSSP Multi-Skill Festivals March 2014 Entry Forms

Medway Mini Youth Games brochure and details (years 5 and 6 girls and boys)

Gillingham and Rainham Sports Hall Athletics Yr5 and 6 Festival at the Howard School

Medway Primary School Girls only Football and Kwik Cricket Festival (yrs 5 and 6)

Medway Primary Key Step Gymnastics Festival (yrs 1-6)

Medway Racket Skills Festival for years 3 and 4

Medway Tri Golf Festivals (year 3 and 4)

Medway Tri Golf Festival (years 1 and 2)

HSSP Dance Schools Festival

Medway High Fives Netball League

Multi Skill Academies for Years 1, 2, 3 and 4

Medway-wide Speed Stacking tournament for K.S. 1,2,3,4

Medway Secondary School Games brochure and details (years 7-11)

SSG Indoor Rowing Thurs. 26th September 2013

SSG Badminton Thurs. 17th October 2013

SSG Rugby Union Thurs. 14th November 2013

SSG Cross Country Thurs. 21st November 2013

SSG Futsal Thurs. 12th December 2013

SSG Basketball Thurs. 16th January 2014

SSG Sports Hall Athletics Thurs. 6th February 2014

SSG Hockey Thurs. 6th March 2014

SSG Handball Thurs. 1st May 2014

SSG Cricket Thurs. 15th May 2014

SSG Softball and Rounders Thurs. 22nd May 2014

Super 8’s Athletics (Year 7’s only)

SSG Rugby League Thurs. 12th June 2014

SSG District Athletics Thurs. 10th July 2014

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Items for Loan

  • Digital Camera
  • LCP Primary P.E. Curriculum Resources
  • Paralympic 'Ability vs Ability Nothing Else' Education pack for schools
  • Tri-Golf Bag of equipment
  • Small number of Hoops, Blindfolds and bean bags
  • 3 concept indoor rowers
  • 1kg balls (for chest push in virtual athletics)
  • BISI Mini Badminton rackets and nets/posts and shuttles
  • Vortex Mega Howlers (for virtual athletics
  • Table Tennis bats and balls, plus plastic nets
  • Mini Squash rebound wall, rackets and balls
  • Mini Tennis rackets and balls

Activate 5/7/9 resources – Val Sabin

Contact Claire Moore 07725724393 for further details

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